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A global creative platform where the West meets the East and vice versa.

Sodium is a digital and print magazine showcasing the work of fashion creatives and emerging designers whose talents and inspiration converge at that cultural crossroads where East meets West. While that remains our core concept, it is not an exclusive one, as Sodium also gives voice to those innovators from wherever who share our passion and commitment to inspiring design, sustainability and ethical fashion. 

As unprecedented world events see society and our planet facing global realignment, so Sodium is also realigning to lean into issues which while always on our agenda, have taken on renewed importance. As these global occurrences demonstrate how truly interconnected, we all are, Sodium is moving into the future with a renewed and re-energized commitment to focus on the issues which will impact all our futures. 

While chronicling the world of fashion will continue to be central to what we do, we intend to dive deeper and explore the cultures and craftsmanship of the people who make our clothes, their traditions and the trials they face, sharing their wisdom and their world view. Highlighting their artisanal traditions and local heritage, Sodium will hope to educate and inform, giving a strong voice to those whose stories deserve to be told.

Always looking to be the voice of the collective, this is a further step in Sodium's continuing journey as a multi-faceted platform which documents the joy of fashion while also celebrating the people and cultures behind the clothes. We look forward to you joining us on this next stage of our journey.

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