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Welcome to our new “One to Watch” portfolio section of Sodium Collective.  

At Sodium it has always been an integral part of our ethos to champion emerging, socially conscious fashion designers and creatives whose talents and stories deserve to be shared with a wider audience. 

These fashion innovators who are beginning to manifest themselves on our collective consciousness have previously been showcased as part of our main digital and print pages. As the industry recalibrate to meet the challenges of a much-changed world and Sodium realigns itself to document this new landscape, our thoughts have turned to how best showcase these new and emergent talents who exemplify the very best of fashion forward thinking.

Bringing them together in a new standalone area of the digital magazine will allow us the space to let them tell their stories and share their passion, energy and vision with you, the reader. Discussing their values and documenting their inspirations and aspirations, Sodium will take a deep dive into the creative and personal journeys which are shaping them. It's a space they richly deserve and one which deserves our undivided attention. 

We hope you will join us as we share the stories of these ones to watch, this new generation of designers and creatives, those whom we are sure will play an important and vital role in fashions future.