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#LFW | Trimingham – “fashion as art first.”

Trimingham is a luxury sportswear label, established by Central St Martin’s graduate -

Cherise Trimingham. During London Fashion Week, the brand collaborated with the creatives

and presented its latest line alongside few other labels.

“Fashion is Art”- a collection inspired by architecture, people, nature and everything that

inspired Cherise during the process of becoming a fashion designer. The audience witnessed

garments of different shapes and colours as a shirt with the slogan “FASHION IS ART FIRST”

on the back closed the show and stole the spotlight.

Beside building Trimingham as a fashion name, the brand built its very own supporting

community. As the brand is emerging, and famous Hip-Hop artists were spotted wearing it, I

had the great pleasure to talk to Cherise Trimingham about her next steps in the industry.

Congratulations on your latest collection! How does it feel to be one of the youngest

influential people of colour in the fashion industry?

In terms of being one of the youngest influential people of colour in the fashion industry, I

am very honoured for you to say that! Because I still believe that this is just a humble

beginning, the very early stages, however at the same time it Is very nice to know that I have

influence over not only the younger generation, but over everybody. People who don’t

necessarily believe they can do certain things, start believing that they can.

For example, some of the models and designers shared that they came out of their comfort

zone, as showcasing was very new for some of them. So, it is definitely good to know that I

am looked up in that way.

You are gaining more and more recognition recently, among which age group are your most

loyal customers and who are you looking forward targeting?

I do fashion in my own lane! I do not feel the need to push and fit in a certain

group/category in order to succeed. I believe that when you build your own lane, you

attract the right people to work with and the right people as clients. What is worth for me is

focusing on my own brand and building my own lane!

In 2021 you had a collaboration with Meek Mill, It looks like you are successfully

approaching the Hip Hop industry, should we expect more collaborations with him or other


Yes in 2021 we made the Puffer Jacket for Meek Mill and YES! Please do expect to see more

influential musicians and Hip- Hop artist in the pipeline! We recently recorded a Trimingham

styled music video for an artist. Keep an eye and watch the space, because it is coming out


What is the muse behind your latest collection?

The latest collection is called Fashion is Art. It came from when I studied abroad in Milan

and realized, that fashion is not only making garments, but understanding the beauty of

them. The elements, the inspirational factors like architecture, people, nature and

everything that inspires the process. I really wanted to show people that garments are not

just fashionable items, but a real piece of art.

Many Hip Hop artist have been spotted wearing you garments and as we all know this

culture is quite influential among young people. What is your personal message to your

audience with your latest line?

My message to the younger audience would be, to go for their dreams, to be individual, to

be who they are, to explore their identity and to never fit into the boxes that society tries to

put them into!

During LFW 22 in February I had the amazing chance to attend your catwalk show. During

this event I witnessed unity, inclusivity and cultural pride. Do you believe your brand is

paving a path of confidence to younger talented people of the black community?

Yes! I would say that Trimingham built its very own community! From doing fashion shows

and pop-up shops, the places that you meet people, your clients I understood that is far

more than just buying clothes. It is really being part of the experience. I strongly believe that

it is really important for designer to build a community within their brands.

It seems like pop up stores have become quite signature for Trimingham . What is the idea

behind this? Are you looking forward expanding your business by opening your very own

store and what is currently stopping you?

Yes, we are doing a lot of pop-up shops. Our most recent one was in John Lewis. The Idea

behind It, is the flexibility to travel and pop up in different areas so all our clients would

have the chance to come and meet us. In terms of expanding our business, I believe that we

are currently doing better online. Potentially it would be good to have a larger

studio/showroom in central London, where clients can visit.

What fabrics is the brand using and would you classify it as fully transparent and ethical?

The fabrics that we use really depend on piece to piece. Trimingham is an ethical brand, as

we are waste/ mass production conscious. Overproduction, clogging up landfills, damages

the planet, that is why we specialize in creating bespoke pieces. Our ethical approach

requires deep research of the right amount of fabric needed for the certain project.

As someone who is doing luxurious streetwear, what is your latest approach to

sustainability and what are you looking forward improving in the near future?

As a luxury sportwear brand, we are looking into improving our sustainability aspects in the

future. We have the idea, and we would like to give customers the opportunity to repair the

products they already bought from us. I truly believe that this will build even stronger

connections with them, and it will show that we really do care about them as people while

giving them opportunity to learn and be more sustainable themselves.

Trimingham proves that it's more than just a label. The brand has its very own mission and

idea of success, without fitting into the industry’s stereotypes or ideas of how a luxury

sportswear brand should navigate. As the CEO – Cherise Trimingham mentioned a new

collaboration on the way, we are excitingly expecting the outcome.

I want to personally thank Cherise for her time spent on us

and wish her good luck on her future projects!


You can connect with the brand on @trimingham__ or

Article by : Angela Gaote | Fashion Writer | @angela.gaote

Photographed by Vixe Studios | @vixe_studios


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